Stretchy Pants

Stay-at-home-mom, SAHM. Look at that, we get assigned our own cute acronym. Here’s another acronym… SPAD, as in stretchy-pants-all-day. Some of us, sometimes, on chosen days can actually wear real clothes. Honestly, when you see a hard working SAHM at your elementary school, grocery store, or play date and she is wearing jeans or a dress, or anything with a constricting waist band…give her a compliment! Really, she will appreciate it!

Here is why…being a SAHM the job never ends. It’s beautiful and fun, it’s a blessing…but it never stops. As soon as the dishes are done, another appears. When the laundry is finished, kids need baths. We are a family of 6. This means once we each ditch the clothes worn all day, shower and dry off with a clean towel (recycling these when we can) and put on pajamas, our hamper is full and there is an entire load of laundry once again…AGH! Then, when there is a lull in daily tasks, who wants to spend it in pants that cinch around the waist and chafe? Not this momma.

I understand that we all wear uniforms. Professional surfers wear wet-suits and board shorts, executives wear pinstripes and power suits, teachers wear loafers and corduroy. Well maybe not all teachers, I was a teacher before my current hiatus, and I love corduroy…but back to my present uniform… I don’t always dress for comfort. Sometimes my pants are a little too tight and my heels are a little too high. I am so fortunate to get the opportunity to host breakfasts with friends, be a leader in a MOPS group, chaperone field-trips and drop off and pick up my kids from school. I am grateful for these occasions to get out of the house in real clothes. I enjoy looking cute, although at the moment I loathe more than ½ of my wardrobe. I also know how it feels to be truly uncomfortable. Like no part of my body is cooperating in a way that I am use to. When I was pregnant I got big…gaining 50lbs each time no matter what, big. Morning sickness, I wish! I was sick for 7 months, vomiting so much my ribs ached and that I burst a blood vessel in my eye. I got itchy skin, stretch marks, couldn’t paint my own toes at the end kind-of-discomfort. Sometimes comfort overrules trendy.

I think we all need to give each other a pass sometimes. Give ourselves a pass. Let our effort and attitude be enough. You look fantastic in real clothes, heck, I do too! But we are also enough in our stretchy pants. My family was watching a favorite movie of ours last week. The main character said that sometimes when you become a man you will wear stretchy pants (name that flick) well, the same is true of moms. Stretchy pants are part of our super hero costumes.

So get out there in your mom-uniform and be the best version of yourself.