7 Things No One Told Me About My Body After Kids

Having kids has changed so many things about life prior to them coming along.  I’m not talking about my new “mom bod” I definitely expected some big changes, but this list is compiled of issues that no one ever told me about.  If you are a mom already, maybe you can relate, if you aren’t yet a mom…maybe you can go into motherhood a tiny bit more prepared than I was.

 Here is my list of the TOP 7 never-before heard of ways that my body changed after having kids…

1. Feet- I had heard they would grow while pregnant, including swelling at the end.  What I didn’t know is they would stay that new size.  Mine went up an entire size after kids and they stayed that way.

2. Tight Clothes- I never had a c-section so this kind of shocks me.  Wearing tight high-waist pants gives me stomach cramps and relief is immediate when I take them off. I guess the high waist jean trend may not be for me.

3. Hair- I had heard that hair falls out while pregnant especially around the hairline…but mine is now curlier than before. Some moms deal with hair growing in new fun places like on the face and neck, as well.

4. Fingernails- Once nursing was finished my long and strong fingernails took a beating and became brittle and started chipping at the ends.  I think this may have been due to me not taking prenatal vitamins anymore.

5. Menstrual Cycle- My period got lighter and the cramps that were usual for me were almost nonexistent…but I know women that had the opposite results after child birth and suffer from very strong symptoms now as opposed to before kids.  

6. Emotions-  Before I had kids of my own I wasn’t as emotional.  Now it is easier for me to relate to others, I cry, laugh, get frustrated, etc, quicker than before I was a mom.

7. Teeth- I did know that gums are sensitive during pregnancy and they have a more of a tendency to bleed while brushing.  My teeth came out of pregnancy looking noticeably less white than before.  I had no problem using whitening gels on them after I was done with pregnancy, although others have noticeable new tooth sensitivity.


So there are the top 7 unexpected ways that my body changed after kids.  Can you relate with any items on my list?