You, But Only You

Isn’t it amazing that the little bundle of joy that you brought into your home loves you so much…like really loves you. It starts out as a bond brought by necessity. You are needed. Food, comfort, safety all these are requirements that you provide. But soon, that little baby will CHOOSE to love you. You will be the favored parent, for worse or for better. The habits you share are unique. Dad, grandparents, an older sibling, nanny or caregiver may have heard the drill on bedtime. They perfectly executed bath-time, sang the lullaby, changed the diapers, bottle-fed the baby just as you instructed…because let’s face it, you are now A CONTROL FREAK. Except, all of those people are not you.

This is one of the first ironies of motherhood that you may encounter. It is the most incredible feeling to be wanted by your baby. To watch that little precious face light up when you walk into a room is true joy. And here is the real kicker…that sweet little baby will find it their new mission in life to make everyone’s mere existence chaos until they deliver the chosen one…YOU! Bwahahaha. Yes, that was my evil laugh. This little fun twist in motherhood is so sweet and yet so obnoxious. Like in times where 48 hours have passed and you haven’t showered. You haven’t eaten in two days without being interrupted by a diaper blowout or a hungry, fussy baby. It is in these moments, that the full weight of motherhood is realized.

If you are reconsidering this whole parenting thing, don’t fear it will not always be this way. Eventually your child may favor dad, or grandma. When this shift happens you will feel it. It may be subtle, but you will notice. That helpless baby that clung so tightly to all things mommy will loosen the reigns on you a bit and it stings, I’m not gonna lie. This is the first glimpse into the wild ride of motherhood. Some stages you will be the fixer, the comfort and the wisest person alive. At other times that child will try and state a case that school work is harder “these days” and kids weren’t learning long division “back when you were in school”…you know back in the dark ages. Ugh! Just know that one day you will take a backseat to another. You will always be special. You will always be mom. It is hard. It is exhausting and it is beautiful, enjoy it.

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