We Lived Their Best Night!

It was the last week of summer and the kids were driving me nuts.  We had been together every day for the past two months.  This night was gonna be different, this night was date night.  My husband and I were looking forward to a night away from petty arguments and complaining.  We decided to do a peaceful drive down the coast a few miles and eat some tacos on the pier.  


There was a cool breeze, dinner was delicious and we were enjoying being alone.  Our tacos disappeared and we were deciding on the next destination of our date and we figured we would walk to the fairgrounds along the promenade.  The fair is a little over a mile from the pier and it just so happened to be in town.  We walked and talked and watched the surfers catch sunset rides, it was beautiful.  When we made it down to the fair, I couldn’t help feeling guilt through the excitement.  Part of me felt bad that the kids were at home and we were enjoying something that I knew they would love.


My husband hates crowds.  We don’t go to the fair annually, and I was grateful that this was his idea to take me because he knew that I would love it.  We walked the whole thing twice before deciding on a treat…between all the deep fried pastries, funnel cakes, and cotton candy we were overwhelmed.  Finally on our second pass around the vendors he got a piece of peanut butter fudge and I decided on a chocolate dipped cheesecake…literally, a huge frozen chunk of plain cheesecake on a stick and dipped in dark chocolate, it was awesome!


Next came the carnival games.  Again, I was feeling a little guilt-stricken because our kids would have loved wasting money trying to hit balloons with darts or knock down rigged milk jugs with a baseball…but my husband reminded me that we could have fun without them and it was ok…in fact I think he said something like, “those kids are so spoiled, let’s live their best night, tonight.”  It was so funny and true.  They had been acting entitled lately.  His words were enough to make me laugh, kiss him and grab the ping pong ball and start really trying to get it in the floating dish.  


We had an amazing time together.  This was a date that we would’ve enjoyed before kids and it was just as special as parents, alone.   After the cash that he had brought was used up, we exited the turnstiles and walked back towards the pier.  We stopped and watched the waves and played “chicken” as they crashed increasingly closer to the bench we were sitting on.  It was a beautiful night…and I am so glad that I didn’t let my guilty conscience keep me from enjoying my husband, the one I chose for life.  I wasn’t planning on telling the kids where we had spent our date, but the purple bunny that ‘dad’ won for his littlest daughter kind of needed some explaining.


Don’t forget to keep having fun with that guy of yours!