That Fit Mom

She has eyelash extensions, hair extensions, a golden tan and a fit body.  I saw her the first day of school and I thought of introducing myself, but I didn’t.  I don’t know why but I found her to be intimidating.  She stood back a little from the crowd and definitely stood out.  I wish I would have introduced myself, because she was new to our school and I have been there for years.


Thankfully in kindergarten, parents are all working towards making the transition to school comfortable for their children, so I would get a second chance.  It was a couple weeks into the school year and my son came home with a birthday invitation from one of the girls in his class.  I didn’t know which girl it was, he didn’t even know which girl fit the name on the invitation, it turned out to be the daughter of the “fit mom.”  We were available the day of the party…which is kind of a stretch to say, we had two birthday parties to attend that Saturday, but her birthday was going to be on the Sunday and my son really was looking forward to going; it was at a cool venue that he was excited to revisit.


I texted the mom’s number which I found on the bottom of the invitation, thanked her for inviting us and told her we would love to come.  A little back and fourth exchanged and I saw her at school over the next few days and we introduced ourselves in person.  She wasn’t intimidating at all.  I looked forward to the birthday party so I could get to know her better.  She and her husband were so generous to each of the kids and it was a great party.  We talked about travel, family, kids and fitness.


I politely turned down the birthday cupcakes after our conversation, because I felt like I really needed to step up my discipline level as far as health and fitness went.  That fit momma told me that she spends 3 hours a day in the gym.  She lifts weights, does cardio and she goes 5 days a week.  My eyes were probably the size of golf balls when she said 3 hours per day.  This was practically her full time job.  We talked about food and how clean she eats, obviously too many cupcakes weren’t on her diet plan.  


I left that party with huge perspective.  I wasn’t intimidated any longer.  I wasn’t envious of her awesome mom-bod, either.  I realized that she worked for everything she has.  She worked long, and hard and had things of her own to overcome.  I can’t say that I went straight home and threw out all carbs and ran 10 miles while lifting weights…but I did leave encouraged.  I know that if anything is as important to me as fitness is to her then I, too, can succeed at it.  Sometimes it is easy to think that others were gifted with physiques, intelligence, opportunities, etc. that I wasn’t…but I’m learning that when I take the time to hear the story and the struggle that came with the outcome, we have more in common than first expected.


Start today.  Begin reaching towards those goals that are on your list.  Make that destination your job if it helps, and surround yourself with like-minded people to help you succeed.