A Letter To The Single Mom

Dear Single Momma,

You are strong.    

I bet you didn’t set out to be a single mother.  You may not have expected this for yourself or for your child. Circumstances that couldn’t be avoided brought you to this place.  


Divorce, death, separation, abuse, neglect, inexperience or seclusion, may have been the cause of your singleness.  I am truly sorry.  You have suffered, you have cried, you have processed and grieved.  I wish that you didn’t have to go through the valleys of sorrow.  I wish that you felt whole and complete.  


I would love to tell you that there is hope and joy up ahead if you push forward.  I have friends that have gone through every type of singleness.  Some were abandoned without warning, others knew in their heart that a relationship was destined to fail from the start…these women were mothers or newly single in the throws of pregnancy.  But I want to tell you that there is incredible strength inside them, inside you. I know that if any one of these remarkable women were beside me writing this letter to you they would tell you to look up.  They would tell you that there is a God in Heaven that loves you and wants to surround you in peace and fill you with hope.  Darkness is hard to avoid in the beginning, it will continue to creep in and out of your life in the coming days and months, but you can make it through.


There is a hope for a bright future for you as a woman and mother, and immense hope for your child.   As the women in my life have proven, healing is possible.  My single-mom friends are inspirational.  I don’t envy their situations or struggles, but the fortitude that they have found to press on and be amazing, present-moms despite their insecurities inspires me.  I have watched them continue the kindergarten drop offs, apply for jobs, figure out housing situations and make budget cuts. They fretted over things that were never considered before.  They have moved on, found joy, marriage, family.  I am so proud of every success that comes to them.


As you embark on your journey, I pray that you will make it out the other side of the sorrow. Take your time, mourn what was lost and it is my deepest hope that you will be able to be the mom that you always set out to be.  Give your child the most secure and loving home that you can provide, they have lost something too.  Reach out to those around you, cuddle your child often and reassure them that you will both be ok, soon.   


Your mom friend,



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