A Mom With a Grateful Heart

I am a mom…you probably gathered that by the website and the fact that I always write about motherhood.  But yay! I AM A MOM.  I am so grateful for all the ways that my family has grown over the years.  We have grown in wisdom and strength, size and number.  


Our car has grown too, for that I am grateful.  When we are all piled in, I have one extra seat.  I am grateful for all those bodies in the car, but also that one open chair.  Nope, uh uh! This isn’t me announcing any kind of pregnancy news, this is me being thankful that I can comfortably transport my kids to and from school, activities and home. That one extra chair sometimes means separation…just a foot and a half can be the difference between a meltdown or overcrowding.  It also means that we have room.  We always have room for one more person to join in the chaos of our life. THANKFUL.


I am grateful for our home.  It is warm and cozy and strewn with items 10 minutes after I’ve cleaned it, but it is home.  I’m grateful that we have a safe place to be ourselves in this crazy world.  I’m thankful that we have filled our home with love and stuff over the years.  We have pictures of how we have changed and memories of the ways we overcame.  GRATEFUL.


These people in my life, my family, husband, kids have grown me more than I ever wanted to grow. Haha.  I mean really, I thought once I got married I was all growed-up…yep I said growed.  I thought the wisdom that I had so far in life was gonna be enough to carry me through.  I was wrong, and for that I’m also grateful.  I am different than I was before.  I know things that I didn’t and have experienced some hard lessons that have redirected my motherhood.  I am grateful that family has taught me that I never stop learning.  How boring to have figured everything out already?!  I love them more each day and am so proud to be a wife and mom to these wild ones. BLESSED.


I am so grateful as we celebrate Thanksgiving this year.  I’m grateful that our family is healthy and that we are able to count on one another.  I’m going to eat some turkey tomorrow, stuffing and cranberry sauce, that green bean casserole with the crunchy onion things on top, followed by a huge heap of whipped cream and a tiny piece of pumpkin pie buried somewhere underneath…and when I do I will have a full heart and a full belly.  Thank you for being a new part of my story, I am grateful.


 I hope that you are surrounded by loved ones today.  May you have a Happy Thanksgiving!