Time Really Is Money- for SAHMs

You ever heard the expression that “time is money.” I kinda always hated that.  It seems like a phrase people say when they don’t want to do something.  Now that I am a stay-at-home-mom, I understand it on a meaningful level and I couldn’t agree more.


Spending all of my husband’s (cough) our hard earned money while he is out working and making more seems a little messed up. I try to be conscientious of what I am taking out because I know that I can’t put any funds back in….But I’ve recently learned that I have my own currency, I call it mom-currency, which I never knew about before.  It is truly a bartering system between myself and my closest friends.  If a friend needs me to watch her child(ren) while she goes to an appointment, date, or for a sanity outing (yep, that’s a thing) then I gladly will.  It isn’t always spoken, but the trade is usually mutually beneficial, she will pay me back in some way.  


I have the most adorable friend that was new to our city a few years ago.  She, her husband and son were from another state and hadn’t made many connections yet.  I latched on to her and wouldn’t let her get away.  We became closer and I realized that she and her husband hadn’t had a night out in about a year...A YEAR!!!! Thankfully as the months went on she trusted me enough to take me up on my offer and let me watch her son for a few hours so she and her husband could enjoy some time off.  I didn’t expect a favor or a return on my offer, but she came up with a brilliant exchange, our new mom-currency was going to be her cutting and dying my hair for me occasionally babysitting her son.  I haven’t paid for my hair in two years!!  


Another very talented artist friend came up with a super-cool idea. She offered to give me a print of one of her beautiful art pieces in exchange for me making her family cinnamon rolls.  She asked hesitantly because she didn’t want to offend me with offering something other than cash, but she knew that I loved her art, this one piece in particular.  Offended?! I loved her idea!! Plus she got the short end of that stick; her cinnamon rolls were gone almost instantly…I still have the art print hanging in my kitchen that reminds me of her every day.


It is a weird place to be when you go from working a job to a stay-at-home-momma.  Money gets a little tighter which leaves plenty of opportunities to get creative.  Moms all have talents and something unique to offer.  It is so cool to be able to support one another without it always having to cost something.  I know now that time really is money.  It is precious and important and my time can help lessen the burden and lighten the load for others.  


I hope that if you have been struggling with money or ideas on how to make it stretch a little further, you will remember that “time is money.”  Start collaborating with friends on how to make your time work for you.