It's Not the Coffee, It's the Kids

I’m not an avid coffee drinker.  I have friends that need it for survival.  They go to their favorite coffee shop and order it to their exact specifications.  I’m not that girl.  I’ve tried cappuccinos, macchiatos, iced, hot, with whipped cream, black, and it’s all ok.  When I was a little girl, my older brother and I would stay in the break room at my dad’s work waiting until he got off.  We would sit in the chairs watching t.v. and sipping cup after Styrofoam cup of coffee.  We would load up our cups with powdered creamer and sugar cubes…because how cool are those?!  It was cool to build a tower of sugar cubes in our cup, pour the coffee over the top and watch it melt…that’s the kind of coffee drinker I am.


Have you seen the funny little meme that says something like ‘I thought I was addicted to coffee, turns out I was addicted to creamer?’ Yeah that’s probably me too.  I think more than anything I enjoy the ritual of the coffee…home brewed coffee to be precise.  We have this really great espresso machine.  It’s stainless steel, it has a steamer valve for milk, a measuring spoon for the grounds and it makes really cool sounds with a beautiful layer of crema on the top of each cup.  Plus my friend bought me my favorite mug a few years ago that is pale pink with gold cursive letters that spell “hello gorgeous” on it so coffee just taste better in that cute cup.


I love green tea, but that’s kind of lack luster.  I mean you pour it in a cup with ice and drink…so plain, right?!  So I got into a bit of a coffee habit.  One cup each morning was really starting to be my jam.  I would drop the kids off at school, come back for a cup and grind the beans, fill the measuring cup and tap down the grounds in the strainer.  I would stand over that cute pink cup getting filled and smell the aroma of macadamia nut coffee.  I would take my cup to the couch and sip it as I felt warm and cozy, and this was my morning ritual for a couple weeks…until I noticed that my heart rate was racing each afternoon.  


I told my husband that I was gonna have to lay off the coffee because I was really noticing an affect on my body.  So the following day I had none.  No caffeine at all.  I went about my day, completing the chores and routines of life.  That afternoon I helped with homework, made dinner, picked up the house, did laundry, ran errands and came to this conclusion: it wasn’t the coffee that was making my heart race, it was the kids.  I sent that text to my husband and we both laughed at my revelation.  


Kids are so stressful.  Apparently they don’t appreciate down time like adults.  They say they are bored if it’s quiet and they love making messes.  They are constantly making noise and needing help solving problems.  No wonder my heart races.  I can’t even enjoy an entire 3 minute song in the car because they have questions for me.  My oldest son must have a switch that gets turned in the ‘on’ position every time we get in the car.  He has endless questions and wants to tell me all about a video game level that I care nothing about…but I love him to pieces.  I love my inquisitive kids that still wanna talk to me.  They ask me to read to them and they still think I am smart enough to help with homework.  The days are filled with noise and I am grateful for that as draining as it is.


I’m still not totally sure if I qualify as a coffee person.  I think I’m more of a “quiet window” person.  I’m on the lookout constantly for things that help me reboot, and for now exercising and a home-brewed cup of coffee are my thing…


What helps you most to recharge during your day?