Why Is My Car Always a Mess?

So there is this legendary mom that I know who has an incredibly clean car.  Literally, she was introduced to me a few years back and afterwards I was told by my beautiful friend the details of this car…it looks brand new on the inside, legend tells that the family of 5 is only allowed to have water in the car, never food, never sticky drinks.  This mom passes me in the halls and I smile and wave and to me she will always be “the mom with the immaculate car.”


If she ever looked inside my car she would probably hyperventilate or at least be thoroughly disgusted.  Mine looks like people have been living in it.  There are usually 3 pairs of shoes scattered under seats, tons of tiny toys, stickers, pencils, straws, rubber bands, piggy bank contents, homework assignments and a few months back we found half of a very stale hamburger in the convenient storage slot in the 3rd row.  Surprises like that just make my heart swell.  We could keep warm if a blizzard hit SoCal with the contents of the donation bag that is always in the back seat.  I mean there are some benefits to having a super trashed car.  My littlest squished most of a squeeze pouch of food all over her car seat and it dripped down onto the leather seat beneath.  The cool thing was that by the time I got around to cleaning this the whole mess just peeled off, no wet rag required. Score!  


I was taking a friend’s daughter home from school recently and she said that my car reminded her of how her family’s van looked on their 3 week road trip. I laughed but I was semi-mortified. Oh my gosh, this super adorable and honest child compared my Yukon XL on a random day to a car that she traveled the entire west coast in.  I have got to get my act together, I thought. We went right home to clean out the car, but it didn’t take long for the junk to seep back in.


You know why that mom with the spotless car is superstar status in my eyes? It’s because I really wish my car looked amazing inside.  I wish I didn’t have to quick-clean it before my husband got in…he would probably keel over if he saw it before I picked it up for him.  I wish that I could be proud and not make excuses for the tiers of filth within.  It is because I fall very short in this area that she stands out.


CELEBRATE the ways that other moms are remarkable…even if you won’t ever measure up.