Changes that Stick- Rock That New Year's Resolution

A New Year is upon us which means…drumroll….that you are gonna promise yourself something and probably break that promise in a few short months, weeks, or even days, agh!!

I didn’t promise myself a magazine worthy physique last year. I didn’t tell myself that I was going to keep the laundry from piling up or that I would keep our house spotless this year. What I did promise myself was simpler. It was something that I had read online for the first time a few months before January. It was a small fact about an ingredient that is used as an additive in many foods we eat and it just kind of stuck with me; when January came around I knew it would be a part of my resolution for that year.

I cook a lot. Probably 6 nights a week I prepare meals for my family. We eat cheese fairly regularly, I would say…and I read that pre-grated cheese (you know the super convenient shredded cheese that can be purchased in a resealable bag) comes with extra little add-ins. Kind of like a happy meal where you order the hamburger and it comes with fries a drink and a toy. Yeah…just like that except the little surprise that is mixed with the cheese to help it from clumbing together is…wait for it- sawdust!!

“In February 2016, multiple outlets prompted consumer concern with claims that the Food and Drug Administration discovered wood in many mass-market cheeses, including some higher-end varieties (” Does the cheese label list sawdust as an ingredient…of course not. It’s called cellulose and is safe for consumption and they haven’t seen any side effects from it. However that didn’t stop me, lol. I got a little grossed out. Not by the wood, necessarily, but just from all the extras that are hidden in our foods with out our knowledge. So that encouraged my 2018 resolution…no more pre-shredded cheese.

Such a small and rather dumb change, I agree.

Even still, I wasn’t sure I could do it because of sheer laziness. I thought I may get tired of grating that block of yellow cheese each week and rush out for a bag already shredded for me. But this one choice is something that I have stuck with all year. I’m pretty excited for a few reasons…

  1. My right arm has gotten a little more of a workout grating my own cheese.

  2. The cheese grater that was rarely getting used has gotten a ton of attention.

  3. I feel like my family is eating a few less fillers, and I helped contribute to this fact.

So I didn’t solve a huge problem this year. I did however, make a choice that made a difference. I feel good about serving things to my family which I know all the ingredients. In general we don’t buy chips, soft drinks and store bought baked goods. But we aren’t complete duds either. We have a mix of fruit roll ups and fruit. We eat chia seed pudding and homemade cinnamon rolls. I know that my cinnamon rolls are not healthy one bit…but I can list on 9 fingers exactly what ingredients I used to make them…and that looks a lot different than a store bought cinnamon roll package. EW! Once I read labels on those types of things seem less and less appetizing as the list continues.

This tiny change isn’t remarkable, but it is a step in the right direction; because that’s the way I roll…setting myself up for success one tiny step at a time. It is a choice I will continue in 2019 and I will continue adding to it. I can cut out the things that save me time but don’t actually benefit my family or I and add things instead that make us better, stronger and healthier.

This year, I’ve decided, in addition to the cheese thing, lol, I will be brushing up on my violin skills. My husband is a great guitar player. Each of our three oldest kids has his/her own guitar which he is teaching them on. They also have keyboards in their rooms so we have a pretty loud (ahem) I mean musical house. As a kid I played the violin. For five years I screeched and scratched that bow across the strings annoying the crap out of my parents. I learned to read music and when I played along with the orchestra I sounded just fine…but on my own, it was never beautiful. So as I listened to the music taking place in my house I decided that I wanted to be a part of it. I will be locking myself in my room and sorting out this whole violin deal. I’m gonna be strategic with practice times- its gotta wait until my husband goes to work or he will be mortified that in 5 years of playing as a kid I’m only borderline mediocre. But that is my goal. YouTube Videos, sheet music and tutorials will be my guides and I will make this violin like me in 2019.

So Cheers to all of you!

I hope that you squeezed a lot of life, love, memories and learning into 2018.

May the new year bring you health and joy!

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