Don’t Wait Until The End, Enjoy the Here and Now


We hold tight to things in this life, things that we know won’t be precious once we are gone. The house, the car, the bigger and better…everything. It’s crazy because people don’t seem to slow down and enjoy life until they come to a crossroad. When there is a diagnosis, death, or a new life, then only do hearts change. No longer do the things that they have been striving for measure up to the things they have put on the back burner. Unfortunately…the thing that is usually sacrificed with all of the bigger and better pursuits is family. Just think of a movie where the main character is successful and then has a heart change, an emotional appointment at the doctor or the death of a parent and they instantly realize that they have been neglecting the one thing that was meaningful. Family! I don’t need a movie to tell me that. I so often am guilty of it as well. I do want a clean house and a family that could be characters in a Hallmark movie. I want my hair to be curled and clean and to have makeup on. I would love to exercise each day and to also have time to read a book or watch a movie, uninterrupted. My days aren’t the stuff of dreams always…or are they??

I’ve always wanted to be a mom. I had a great childhood and wanted to experience life with kids of my own. Prayer answered! I’ve got 4 munchkins that keep me busy from dusk til’ dawn. They are sweet and kind, loud and draining. Sometimes I neglect spending time with them because I am trying desperately to watch the show that I have paused and restarted 10 times. Other times it is for a phone call or an email. My momma always said (yep that’s my best country accent) “all things in moderation.” No she didn’t make it up, I’m well aware of this, but I do think it is a phrase worthy of repeating. Junk food- in moderation, direct sun- in moderation, alcohol…you get it, moderation. Those are all “bad” things in excess…but good things can become “bad” if they are ruling us. Exercise, work, travel, studying, communication, all great things, right?! But when they take us away from the important stuff, like family or health then it too can be bad.

I don’t like when people, other moms especially do the shame game. So annoying. I think most humans understand that they are choosing one thing over another; each decision equals the choosing of one thing and the denial of another. If I choose to clean house instead of exercise then that is my choice…I’m well aware that there are benefits to both. I think it’s smart to also examine the things that we put on the back burner. The items we chose not to choose. Let’s give a moment of silence to think of those things…

Ok, moment over…What were yours?

Two of mine unfortunately are exercise and quality time with the kids. So…as soon as my sore throat and cough are gone I am gonna get back on the horse, so to speak, and start being intentional with my jogs and exercise videos. I’m also gonna be more intentional with my kids. I want to play more, color with them, pretend restaurant, build a Lego fortress, so I will. I kind of have a favorite burner on the stove. It’s the front left one. I don’t know why but I rarely use the other three? So weird. I tend to make similar choices in life each day, so I’m gonna chose to make those choices count. I don’t want to get to the end of the day, the year, or my life, however long it may be and have regrets. I don’t want to wish I had done things differently…mainly love. I don’t want to wish that I had loved differently. I won’t let someone else make me feel guilty for the way that I chose to do things because I will know that I made good choices. Sometimes that means acknowledging that emails need to be sent and knowing that sending a text may be the thing that I need to do, sometimes the best choice is shutting everything down and playing with my kids, enjoying my husband and laughing together.

I don’t want to be the character at the end of the movie with little life left to live and be scrambling to put things back in order. Movies are great, the characters are so easy to judge. Ugh, duh put down your phone, Peter Pan, your wife is at her wits end and your family is done being disappointed by you (Hook reference.) But sometimes, I am just like the annoying-cell-phone clutching-always-working-Peter-Pan played by the late, great Robin Williams. I reach for my phone, I clean, I fidget and tinker. Sometimes I try to squeeze in fillers when I need to be looking for opportunities to enjoy all the beauty of the things I’ve got.

Make your choices. Know what you are choosing and what you are sacrificing and make adjustments where necessary. Don’t get to the end and wish you would have done things differently. Work, achieve, exercise, improve yourself, but take time to be present for your family…in the end, nothing else measures up.